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how you say it matters more.

In the world of business, one missed opportunity is one too many. What if you're missing opportunities simply because you're not sharing your message in a meaningful way that resonates? A professional copywriter can help you find the words -- and your voice -- to tell your story in a manner that can change perceptions, drive actions, and profoundly impact your bottom line.

What you say matters; 


Hi, I'm Blair.


Philadelphia copywriter

I'm a Philadelphia copywriter and content marketer, but above all else, I'm a storyteller.

Despite a background in Advertising, I longed to find a challenge for my strongly analytical nature. Law school. Not only did it teach me how to analyze info, hone my research and writing skills, interact with all types of clients, and reinforce my time-management skills, it also taught me how to look good in a pant-suit. Money well spent. I graduated and understandably was driven to go into... marketing. After over a decade as a professional copywriter and editor across a number of mediums for a variety of clients, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, I know what it takes to craft an effective story that induces action.

"Trees are swayed by winds, men by words." Joan Aiken



Your story is an invaluable business asset.

Your story has the power to attract and persuade -- if you tell it just right. Let's create content that shares not only your offering but also the heart of who you are. Words have power. Are yours working for you?

Laptop Writing

Website Content & Copywriting

When people are interested in a product or service, the first place they go is to your online presence: your website. Your website acts as an extension of your brand and offering. The words on your site represent more than just words; they represent your values, your voice, and your identity. 

Blogs & Articles

Blogs and articles can prove important for many reasons, such as positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry and continuously improving your SEO. 

Fashion Magazine

Marketing Collateral

From brochures and bios, to press releases and emails, your entire suite of collateral should be fluid, cohesive, and representative of your brand identity. 


When you've DIY'd your own content, it's important to ensure that it doesn't suffer from common issues: poor headlines, inconsistent voice/style, grammatical errors, lack of cohesion, or other inconsistencies. A professional copywriter can review and rewrite your content to maximize its credibility and impact.

Grammer Editing
Communicative and thoughtful, Blair worked on several projects for me and was a huge help to my brand. Her ability to put my vision into thoughtfully crafted, well-executed content helped bring in more business.

Theresa S.


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Blair Kaplan

Philly Content Consultant

Lansdale, PA


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