Blair Kaplan

Blair Kaplan




While I almost failed preschool for lacking the coordinative ability to skip accurately, I went on to win my second grade whistling competition with a wowing rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." True story. If this doesn't prove persistence and perseverance I don't know what does.

I learned to use my creativity and reasoning early on. Before I had my adult teeth, I reasoned with the tooth fairy in a letter under my pillow. I explained that she should give me money, like she did my older brother, because while I didn't have any teeth to give, "I like[d] money." It's difficult to argue with sound logic, and with "cute." I find that this still stands.

In college I studied Advertising & Public Relations, but chose an Advertising focus because the PR professor recounted horror stories involving mock press conferences and regurgitation. With a fear of public speaking and projectile vomiting, I immediately decided that Advertising would be my love. That was before I decided that a law school education was for me. Enter the Socratic Method, and I got over that fear pretty quickly (public speaking, that is.)

Despite loving the creative side of Advertising, I longed to find a challenge for my strongly analytical nature. Law school. Not only did it teach me how to analyze info, hone my research and writing skills, interact with all types of clients, and reinforce my time-management skills, it also taught me how to look good in a pant-suit. Money well spent. I graduated and understandably was driven to go into... marketing. 

In recent years I've run a marketing department, and freelance wrote & edited for national and international clients. I’ve produced an array of content in a variety of industries for websites, bios, blogs, catalogues, articles, and more. Engaging and evolving content can set you apart. Through my work, I collaborate with companies and individuals to tell their story & demonstrate their unique value, driving traffic and ultimately increasing revenue.